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PrismEmail works directly with your existing ISP (or other POP3) mail provider(s) and your existing email Client. You simply point your email client to Prism, and point Prism to your existing mail provider(s). Everytime you check your mail on Prism our service checks and filters your mail on your various email accounts. It couldn't be simpler!

PrismEmail can block over 99% of your spam when you have enabled our filtering options as well as Bayesian statistical spam filters. Works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Email, and any other email program that downloads email using POP3 protocol.

Check out a demonstration to find out more detail.

Questions about our service and pricing? Here are the answers.

  How To Sign Up  

Signing up is easy! Use our Single-Page-Signup to set up your account at PrismEmail. Then, all you have to do is point your email client to PrismEmail's POP3 server and you'll be spam-free in minutes!

After 1 month you'll receive an email asking you to configure your method of payment if you continue to use our service. Simply provide your credit card number at that time and continue to be spam-free, or do nothing and let your trial account expire... Your choice! You have nothing to lose but spam!

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Just pick a Prism account name, a password, and provide your POP3 information, and you can start receiving spam-free email within minutes.
The Spam Problem
With the good comes the bad. Today, our email inboxes are clogged with unwanted, unsolicited emails. In the early days, spam wasn't a problem. It is today! PrismEmail can help.
ISPs and our system
Most "normal" ISP email accounts and email clients will work with our service.
Privacy and Security is key
We know that an anti-spam service that helps to improve your privacy is of no use if the service itself were to abuse your privacy. In addition, our service was designed from the ground-up to ensure that no customer information remains on any Internet-accessible server.
Spam News
Find the latest information about spam in the news and the Internet's battle against it.
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